About This Blog

Boom, boom, BOOM! That is the sound of the more than 80 million baby boomers in the United States as they reach 50. Estimates are that a baby boomer turns 50 every 7.5 seconds! By 2020, experts predict that more than 35 percent of us in living in the United States will be over 50. That’s a lot of people power!

Whatever you may think about us as the generation that brought you the suburbs, consumerism, women’s rights and the counterculture, one thing is true – boomers change the world around them. Few doubt that boomers will be more active, engaged, and fit. And we will inevitably change the way Americans age.

That change has already begun. The proportion of Americans 65 and older doing aerobic exercise or strength training was 41.6 percent in 2012, compared with 29 percent 14 years earlier, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Fitness means good health and being in good shape. It also has a more complex meaning:  having the right characteristics for a particular purpose. In other words, in the case of getting older, fitness is having the right stuff to have a happy and healthy life as we age.

This blog is dedicated to those who want an active, adventurous, fun and meaningful lives after 50. To be fitter for life after 50!

I’ll share my experiences as I strive to become fitter after 50, profiles of others who inspire me and advice about how to be fitter after 50. I hope you’ll share your experiences, too!

When you read about my adventures and those of people I admire, I hope you’ll feel inspired and motivated. Because I am proof that you’re capable of things you never thought possible.

Join me and let’s get fitter after 50!