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World’s Worst Training Plan?

To catch you up, I completed marathon 41, state 41 at Mt. Hood, Oregon in July. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been laser focused on completing all 50 states in spring of 2020 (perhaps “like a cow headed to the barn” is a better description.) But circumstances have led me to embark on the dumbest training plan in the world for my next marathon – the Chicago marathon.

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Jan Walker’s Long Run Across America – Part 2

In part one, I introduced you to Jan Walker, whose dream was to run across America. We learned about her journey to fitness after 50. In this post, I’ll report on how at age 57, Jan made her dream come true.

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Jan Logs Her Dream

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Over 50 Athlete – Runner Terrie Wurzbacher

Ever feel you are too old, too slow, or not athletic enough to take on a fitness challenge? Meet this week’s over 50 athlete of the week, Terrie Wurzbacher, 66. She felt all of those things. Despite these insecurities, two weeks ago, she became the oldest female runner to complete the Volunteer State 500k (314 miles) Road Race. Read her story.

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Featured Over 50 Athlete – Cherie Eason

Meet this week’s featured over 50 athlete, Cherie Eason, 54.

Cherie wears many hats – mother, wife, grandmother, litigation paralegal, runner, coach. Cherie began running when she was 40 to lose weight and get in shape. From those first struggling steps, her confidence and ability have grown exponentially. She has now run 23 marathons/ultramarathons and completed two 50-mile trail races, the first 50 miler to celebrate turning 50! Her goal is to run a marathon in each of the 50 states, and to stay healthy, fit and running for the rest of her life.

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Over 50 Athlete of the Week – Monique McLeod

Meet this week’s featured over 50 athlete, Monique McLeod, who turns 63 in May.  Each Wednesday, you’ll met a person who is getting fitter after 50, and learn about their goals and how they stay fit. Monique epitomizes someone who has become fitter after 50, by taking on new challenges and finding  a new passion for adventure.  

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Cycling For Good

I have a lot to gain from cycling the Atlantic Coast. I’ll get more fit. Have a challenge and the adventure of a lifetime. See the country on bike time. Meet great people.  But I want to do more.

I want to take this opportunity to raise awareness and funds for some charities that mean a lot to people who have made life better for me and others around them.

Each week, I’ll ride in honor of someone who has inspired me. I’ll introduce you to them and tell you about a charity that is their cause. And you’ll have a chance to make a difference.

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