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The End of My Atlantic Coast Cycling Journey

Within a week, I will finish my 2,500 Atlantic Coast Cycling tour and Cycling for Good. Over the next week, in lieu of my “regular” schedule, I’ll remind you of the people who inspired my ride – both before and during my adventure. So hang in there – lots of posts to come, and without predictable internet, they may come in spurts!

The Big View of My Cycling Tour

We began in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and 14 states later, we are in Maine! We finish in Bar Harbor in five days. Most will fly home, and some will climb Cadillac Mountain the next day to watch the sun rise at one of the earliest points in the US (fingers crossed, me among them!). Others will ride another 100 miles or so to touch the border of Canada. Wherever the finish, we were together for more than 2,500 miles. Sharing flat tires, good hotels, bad hotels, good roads, bad roads, challenging climbs, easy flats. Long days, short days. Hard days, Easy days. Good food. Lunch, breakfast, dinner. Life challenges.

And I received huge amounts of support along the way. I couldn’t make it without the love and support of Bob, my family, friends and the ladies on this journey. THANK YOU ALL!

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Atlantic Coast Cross Country Cycling Tour









Cycling for Good

My ride gave me the opportunity to raise awareness and funds for some charities that mean a lot to people who have made life better for me and others around them. Each week, I rode in honor of someone who inspired me. I introduced them and told you about a charity that is their cause.

For the next six days (give or take based on internet connections!), I’ll re-post their story and a link to make a contribution. At the end of the week, I’ll make a single post with links to each charity. Now is your chance to make a difference. Any contribution you make during this next week will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $7,000. So don’t miss the chance to make a difference!

Amazing People

Each week, I’ve posted (and will continue to feature), people over 50 getting fit in their own way. Whether runners, triathletes, yoga and pilates practitioners, hikers or gym lovers – they have some things in common. They want to be fit after age 50. They want to have fun. Enjoy adventure. And continue to grow.

Over the next week, I’ll introduce you briefly to some of the wonderful, adventurous women who have been a part of the Atlantic Coast Cycling tour.

I have to say again – I LOVE these ladies!

Stay with me

I hope you’ll forgive overexcited daily posts as we  complete this fun adventure! It is so much fun and both sad and exciting it will soon be over.

I may have a bit of downtime after the big adventure. But I’ll soon be back posting on a regular basis.

In the meantime- let’s all continue to get fitter after 50!


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