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What’s on Your Challenge List?

I have to be honest. I lack discipline. I’ve never been good at doing the day to day things I’m supposed to. Cleaning up my room as a kid. Filling out expense reports as an adult. But I’ve always thrived on learning something new or taking on a new project. Let’s face it – I LOVE a challenge! I never gave that much thought until recently. Read about the benefits and ask yourself – what’s on your challenge list?

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The End of My Atlantic Coast Cycling Journey

Within a week, I will finish my 2,500 Atlantic Coast Cycling tour and Cycling for Good. Over the next week, in lieu of my “regular” schedule, I’ll remind you of the people who inspired my ride – both before and during my adventure. So hang in there – lots of posts to come, and without predictable internet, they may come in spurts!

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Featured Over 50 Athlete – Cherie Eason

Meet this week’s featured over 50 athlete, Cherie Eason, 54.

Cherie wears many hats – mother, wife, grandmother, litigation paralegal, runner, coach. Cherie began running when she was 40 to lose weight and get in shape. From those first struggling steps, her confidence and ability have grown exponentially. She has now run 23 marathons/ultramarathons and completed two 50-mile trail races, the first 50 miler to celebrate turning 50! Her goal is to run a marathon in each of the 50 states, and to stay healthy, fit and running for the rest of her life.

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